[ct-user] Alt-U SCP Bug / Warning!

Ed K1EP k1ep@arrl.net
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 11:08:32 -0500

Yes, I think that this bug has been mentioned b4 :)  I used 9.70 this weekend and didn't see that behavior, so I believe that it is fixed.  The SCP window however, does seem a bit narrow and part of a column is cut off.   Maybe the calls were in that part of the window.  I am sure that you must have worked many more stations than I did and the window must have been quite full of worked stations.

At 02:26 PM 12/19/2001 +0000, Bill Tippett wrote:
>        During the ARRL 10 on Sunday afternoon, I was doing S&P using
>9.61 looking for new stations.  I normally select the Alt-U SCP Window
>when doing this.  I worked a LU station that seemed familiar but
>did not show up as worked in the SCP window as worked so I called
>and he said "QSO B4".  I told him he was not in my log so he logged
>it and I moved on.  Then I had an identical experience with another
>station so I tried an experiment, entering a station just worked
>and discovered that it also did not show up in the SCP window.  I
>then decided to immediately exit CT and reload.  After that everything 
>went back to normal.  I mentioned this in a post on the CQ-Contest 
>reflector and Ted KR1G responded with the following:
>Saturday night I rebooted CT - version 9.65, also not the latest.
>I found as I typed calls into CT while S&Ping, they did not show up as 
>dupes in the Super Check Partial (or whatever its called ) window, which 
>I LOVE while S&Ping. I can figure most calls are dupes before typing in 
>the whole call - and I'm not a fast typist. Typing in the whole call and 
>hitting the spacebar did tell me whether calls were dupes
>Sunday morning, with no changes/restarts/etc - CT was working fine again
>...and after asking Ted to confirm he replied:
>Yes you may absolutely quote me on the CT refelector or anywhere else 
>you deem appropriate. The dupe functionality didn't totally stop working 
>- a "spacebar" would show an  entered dupe as a dupe, but dupes didn't 
>show up as dupes in the super check partial window. Hence I called 3 
>dupes - one I worked, one told me B4, and one I told before and we both 
>laughed over it.
>        Has anyone else noticed this?  What Ted said about only the
>SCP not working when "spacebar" did work OK may have been true in my
>case also...I did not spend much time trying to diagnose at the time 
>but quickly exited and rebooted CT to fix my SCP.  Very interesting,
>and SCARY, that his SCP started working the next day without rebooting.
>If I had any idea how we got into this mode I would submit a bug report
>but at this point I can only caution all to be careful with SCP until 
>someone can understand how the problem is invoked so it can be fixed.
>                                                73,  Bill  W4ZV
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