[ct-user] CT970

Bob Johnson rjohnson@tmlp.com
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 19:30:35 -0500

Hi Bob:
I seem to remember that there was some kind of a problem some where in the
9.50's updated of CT !!!  I just downloaded and installed CT9.70.004 and it
worked fine logging AK & HI !!!

Why don't you try downloading the latest version of CT and make sure that you
have the latest CTR nad DAT files before running ARRL10 contest.  I think
everything should work FB !!!  If it don't work right, you got almost a whole
year to get it squared away HI HI !!!

73 es GL
Bob, K1VU

 At 01:43 PM 12/23/01 , you wrote:
>Bob,    I got the ar10.dat file.    It didn't fix my 9.53 version of CT.
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>As has been stated here many times in the past, you need the data files
>cty files !!!
>Go to K1EA.COM, then go to "Section Files" and download "ar10.dat" that
>solve your problem.
>Also if you would please set your email client to just send plain text or
>files, I'm sure others on the list would appreciate the bandwidth
>Bob, K1VU
>At 11:35 PM 12/22/01 , you wrote:
>> I updated to ct 970.002 after having the out of band problem. In the
>ARRL 10
>> meter contest it refused to log AK an HI contacts. Today I downloaded
>> 970.004 and still it will not log AK or HI calls. Then I tried
>> latest cty files. Still no luck with HI or AK calls. What do I do to fix
>> this?
>> W8PG
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