[ct-user] OMNI VI Plus and CT

John W. Harden, Jr. altdx@worldnet.att.net
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 10:02:26 -0500

Dear Fellow CT Users,

I used CT successfully for many years with the OMNI V and later the OMNI
VI Plus. I have always configured the OMNI VI Plus with a regular
decimal address of 04 (base = 10). The corresponding hexidecimal address
(base 16), of course, is 4.

I recently changed mother boards from a Pentium 200 MHz to an AMD 700
MHz processor. After the change I have been having problems getting CT
to track with the radio. This morning I downloaded the latest CT
(Version 9.70), along with all of the support programs, and the problem
is fixed!!!

CT is set for COM2, IRQ3, & 1200 baud. The radio is set for IC735 and
decimal address 04. I am using another computer I configured using the
200 MHz Pentium board. This machine is running only MOS-DOS 6.22, and
does NOT have Windows loaded on it!! I should have done this long ago. I

73 es Holiday Greetings,

John, W4NU
(K4JAG 1959 to 1998)