[ct-user] RE: CT Bug Report

Ken Wolff kwolff@ultranet.com
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:15:02 -0400

The .res file does not have header information such as contest type,
callsign, name and address. B2R can't create a new .bin file with out the
header info.

The original idea was to allow modifications to an *existing* .bin log by
converting it to ASCII, then back after changes had been made.

Were I to create new R2B and B2R programs, the .res file would have all the
header information. These programs would  *not* be backwards compatible with
the old .res, R2B or B2R.

Maybe a better idea would be to create a Cabrillo to .BIN converter. Logs
generated by other programs could then be converted to CT logs.

*Please note*, not all contest sponsors have Cabrillo formats; not all
contests would be available. Even the ARRL does not have a Cabrillo format
for Field Day (yet).

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NAME_CALL:  John Scott,  K8YC
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Date:       22 Jul 2001
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B2R9.EXE has not been changed in a while, neither has
R2B9.EXE.   From comments made earlier by AD1C and K1EA,
these are supposed to be complementary programs designed
to get .BIN file date to ASCII text format for editing and
then back to .BIN format.  A RES file can be created but
the reverse process results in a corrupted .BIN file.  This
Since the two programs have not been changed since 1999 (at least one
has not), this problem goes back at least that far, regardless
of which version of CT one uses.

  --John Scott

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