[ct-user] CT9.60

Bill Fisher W4AN Bill Fisher W4AN <w4an@contesting.com>
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 12:34:54 -0400 (EDT)

> reserving a number when you start typing is not a good idea.  consider the
> common case  in a m/s of having a run station and another station just listening
> on another band finding multipliers before switching bands... if the second
> station types in a call with no intention of working him that should not reserve
> the serial number.  it used to be in ct that when you hit insert to send the
> report it would broadcast to the network that the number was used, i don't know
> if that still works or not since i haven't done operations like that for a
> while.  even in that case you could get out of sync if you ended up not
> finishing the qso, the number would be reserved by the second station until he
> actually worked someone.

You didn't read my note carefully.  You are not reserving a serial number
that nobody else can use.  That also requires the broadcast nonsense that
we have now.  The local machine at the point of typing uses the serial
number it finds next.  There is no reserve for the network.  There is no



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