[ct-user] Field Day Success!!

William R Liporace NA2NA William R Liporace NA2NA <kb2hun@wizvax.net>
Sun, 24 Jun 2001 20:07:19 -0400 (EDT)

I have heard and seen many people bitch about CT and the dependability or
support!  I have got to tell you 9.63 was almost flawless at the K2CT sit
this past weekend. We had 7 PCs networked together with packet radio
(which was down) and ALL worked flawlessly. 
Only one PC dropped some QSOs, but they rebooted the PC for some reason.
The only other problem that we ran into was a couple (2) of machines did
not like 9.63, but did not mind 9.58, so we ran .58 on two machines. I
think it was a boarder line memory issue.
So Ken THANK YOU for making FD a great computer success for me and the
club. I hope you enjoyed FD as much as many operatoor did at K2CT. By the
way, last I heard, it was over 2000 Qs and no serious problems!!!

73 Will

William Liporace NA2NA           na2na@wizvax.net
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