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Ken Wolff Ken Wolff" <kwolff@ultranet.com
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 14:25:22 -0400

I have placed CT9.64 beta in the vault and would like to release it soon.

Thanks to Zoli HA1AG, Tom K1KI  and others who helped me tune up IARU and
IOTA tests.

If there is anything else to fix for these tests, please let me know soon. I
won't be able to work on CT from July 4th through July 10th.

73,  Ken

Some discussion with Tom.

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At 03:06 PM 6/4/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The next focus is VHF and IARU tests. If you know of any bugs, let me know
>so I can tune up these contests.

More room in the mult listings for HQ mults so the complete list can be
seen by band.

-- Tom
QSL. It's on the list.

- Ken


How many do you figure is enough? Right now, it displays 15 high by 4 wide
for a total of 60 HQ stations. Can you put up with multiple pages and

For now, I'm just showing the call of the HQ stations, not the HQ
abbreviation, that would take more space.

- Ken


Maybe you've already fixed it.  Two years ago I think it cut off at 20 or
so, and we worked 30+ different HQ stations. Multiple pages is fine.
Actually, I've always wanted an option to display only the mults actually
worked on any band, or a way to edit out the 100 or more mults that are
almost always not in a contest...

-- Tom

Just tested this under ct957 and ct962.   Entered a dozen t_e_s_t callsigns and
hq mults and zones. The lists of zones and HQ stations show up but they
aren't filled in - no info by band is shown - both in alt-z and alt-m.
Also, alt-z out to toggle the window like alt-m does.

       -- Tom

OK in the alt-M window, but in the alt-Z window those worked show as blanks
instead of "*"

alt-Z doesn't toggle yet.

When I log M1A RSGB on 10m and M2A RSGB on 15m it shows only as M2A in the
alt-M window.   Confusing.  Not sure if it's better any other way.  Might be
better to show both.   I don't think many (perhaps multis) work more than 30
HQ mults on a band, so you could probably go with:

W1AW    ARRL    --*-*-*
M1A             RSGB    -----*
M2A             RSGB    ----*-

You could fit 45 on the page that way I think.

I remember last year two countries used the same HQ designation.   This year
there will be multiple Canadian HQ stations all using RAC I presume.

When the alt-M window is open and you scroll back to previous QSOs the log
overwrites the mult window. (using default screen settings, not VGA)

	-- Tom

Oh man, two HQ stations using the same HQ designator...

I fixed the zone display problem and made the window a toggle, but can't
handle the duplicate HQ designators yet. Not sure if I should even do it for
this years contest.

- Ken

At 05:45 PM 6/14/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Oh man, two HQ stations using the same HQ designator...
>I fixed the zone display problem and made the window a toggle, but can't
>handle the duplicate HQ designators yet.

FB - seems to work all OK.

>Not sure if I should even do it for this years contest.

Probably not important

Some other notes.

1) Wish you could display multipliers in WPX.
2) Wish you could display multipliers in AA
3) Wish you could log non-Asians in AA (with zero points)
4) Wish you could display the number of QSOs by point value in WPX
5) Canada Winter Contest but not the Sprint?

                73 Tom

Here is some of the discussion I had with Zoli.

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Subject:	RE: >k1ea - iota contest w/ CT?

 << File: N1.BIN >> << File: HA1AG.LOG >> << File: ha1ag2.log >> Hi Ken,

Yesterday I missed your inserted comments in my original mail. I included
some examples for those faults you could not reproduce.

73, Zoli

>> ============
>> 1, CT doesn't recognize /QRP - it will accept as a new
>> station and gives
>> points even when it's a dupe. The dupe /QRP station will be shown as a
>> no-dupe in the partial check window also.
> I tested both IARU and IOTA. K1EA/QRP is dupe of K1EA and
> counts no points.

Please find the attached N1.BIN. This seems to be broken.

You are correct. I tested using K1EA followed by K1EA/QRP. K1EA/QRP followed
by K1EA/QRP did not work.

This is fixed.

> K1EA/QRP did not show up as a dupe in the check partial
> window. I have fixed this.

> 5, The callsign.LOG file is corrupt because the Sent Report
> field contains
> the Zone set during the setup and not the serial number.
> In which contest?  The output looks OK to me in both IARU and IOTA.

See HA1AG.LOG attached IOTA contest created of N1.BIN

If I change the zone in the setup field to 28, it will change. See

OIC. This is ARRL output. I have fixed this, although I don't know who uses
this output.

>> 6, IARU: All Turks are taken as Asians and gives DX points
>> (5) for them.
> I cannot fix this. CT knows about one country with multiple zones, but
> cannot deal with one country in multiple continents.
> If I try to fix this, much code will change and many things
> will break...

OK. It's not a very frequent problem at all. BTW. Turkey has been selected
in our t_e_s_t case just for the reason being a DXCC entity composed of two.

>> 7, ALT-T command doesn't reach remote TNC in the network. The network
>> connection is working. This is a very difficult fault to track or
>> reproduce. It doesn't appear all the time.
>> ============
>> 1, IOTA: Score remains zero until the first mult is worked.
>> (mult variable initialized with 0 instead of 1?)
> Is the score not QSO points times mults?
> If you have no mults you have a zero score.

Correct. We had a discussion about it.

>> 3, IARU: After completing setup it asks for Section. In IARU
>> HF Champs, no Section info is required.
> Cabrillo format requires section or DX

Understood. Tnx.

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