[ct-user] CT 7.54.004 & SO Assisted Setup

Mike Gilmer - N2MG Mike Gilmer - N2MG <n2mg@contesting.com>
5 Mar 2001 07:14:19 -0800

> This may explain why a number of CT users end up filing as SO (unassisted)
> when
> you can watch then sending and receiving on the Cluster and should.
> be filing as SO Assisted !!!

Don't forget that stations can use CT and packet to SEND spots as a Single-op (UN-assisted).  CT will hide all the incoming information.

I tried exactly that this w/e for the first time - just to try to shake the "packet habit", yet still be able to spot goodies I found to help the club score (and everyone else's who's connected).

Aside from a few setup bugs, it worked OK.  My biggest complaint is that CT doesn't allow the packet talk window to appear - this prevents users from issuing the "Connect" command to the TNC.  Maybe there's a way?

-73 Mike N2MG SO (not assisted)

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