[ct-user] WPX M/S Rule Change

Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:42:53 -0800

EA1TX writes: "Is Ct updated for new rule in WPX test for multi singles (10
minutes =
band change, like in CQ WWDX ?"

The WPX M/S always had the 10 minute rule, that has not changed.  The only
change has been the addition of a Multiplier station, which has the same
rules/restrictions as the CQ WW Contest M/S MULT station.  The only nuance
is that the WPX M/S station must still keep a SINGLE set of consecutive
serial numbers!

It's near impossible to get this straight without the software "reserving"
serial numbers.  Since the MULT station is fundamentally independent of the
RUN station, it's very likely that the RUN station will give out #1234, and
so will the MULT.  Who ever hits return first gets the QSO #, and the other
station is off by one.  It's even possible where it takes a few repeats to
the info from someone, yet the other station has already clicked off 2 QSOs.
You get the picture.

Writelog has started down this path of reserved serial numbers some time
ago, and mostly
has it working... but there are occurrences (last time I checked) where
duplicate serial numbers
are given out, and sometimes numbers are skipped.  But what was sent IS
logged in the program.

N8BJQ says that all the software writers were notified of the change some
time ago.  Is this on Ken's list to change?

Kenny K2KW

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