[ct-user] SO2R woes

Don Melcher don@hfradio.com
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 08:33:32 -0800

And that is why I have freed myself of the IRQ & DOS chains by switching to
Writelog - after having a separate machine with 7 com ports, 2 LPT ports and
a DVP just for contest... no more! And a back-up for that machine. Now I can
just use my laptop as a back-up as all the comports - all 13 of them - are
USB. One of these days I have to dig out my DVP boards and put them up for


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I think Don meant to say, "You can NOT use the same IRQ on both ports."

--- Don Melcher <don@hfradio.com> wrote:

> Unless you have a board that supports it, and I think special drivers, you
> can use the same IRQ on both ports.

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