[ct-user] Re: Super Check Partial Window

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
17 Nov 2001 05:19:34 -0800

I'm virtually certain that one MUST use a mouse to 
position the windows AND that the positions are stored 
in the .bin file.

It's been recommended on this reflector (N5NJ for one) 
that a good way to recall these settings is to create 
a dummy .bin file (call it default.bin) with 
everything the way you like.  Then before each 
contest, copy it to another file (say CQWW01.bin) and 
use that to start CT (you'll have to reset the contest-
specific stuff).  Even if you don't move windows 
around, the other data that you'll not need to reload 
is worth the trouble.

73 Mike N2MG

On Fri, 16 November 2001, David Robbins wrote:

now i think the window
> positions are stored in the log file so you would have to hook up a mouse, set
> them the way you want them for that log then restart without the mouse.  i don't
> know of any way to move windows without a mouse.
> for the ct-user list... is there any way to move windows without a mouse that i
> have missed somewhere?  or is there a way to save a default window setup for
> initializing new logs?
> NB1B wrote:
> > 
> > Dave
> > 
> > Do you know any way to get the super check partial window to open in the
> > upper right hand corner of the screen?  I know I can drag it there with the
> > mouse, but my CT computer is mouse-less.  Any way to do it with the
> > keyboard?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > Dennis NB1B
> -- 
> David Robbins K1TTT

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