[ct-user] FT1000(not D or MP) rig interface problem

Pete Soper psoper@pjs.East.Sun.COM
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 10:40:52 -0500

In a guest op setting recently I put my CT 9.65 on the station computer, set up
a comtsr -n82 -b4800 and could not get CT to read the rig info. I could
switch frequencies but nothing valid seemed to be coming back. Attempts to
switch bands with function keys caused a moment change, then reversion to the
original band (I guess CT checks for something coming back and decided to 
undo the command if it isn't forthcoming). 

The DOS environment for both TR and CT appeared to be identical. I hauled my
DOS CT system from home but no luck. I tried CT 9.57: no change. I did a lot
of downright superstitious changes and experiments and got the expected results.

The interface is a W1GEE model and between it and the computer's DB9 serial
connector there was  receive/xmit data, ground, and "that signal that is on 
pin 20 on a DB25 computer serial port (DSR or DTR, I can never keep them 

Any clues?

Pete AD4L