[ct-user] c2a

N7MAL n7mal@ctaz.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 08:30:20 -0000

I guess this is probably related to the problem Bill, N3RR, is reporting. I
used the latest CT ver. during the contest, 9.68. After the contest I ran
C2A, as I always do to import the contest log into my master log. After C2A
converted the bin file it reported I had 98(non-satellite QSO's) and
12(satellite QSO's) ignored. I looked at the adi file and it was about 1/2
gibberish and there was no QSO information anywhere to be found, only empty
I've been using C2A to convert CT logs for 4 or 5 years now and have never
seen this satellite info before. I took a chance and tried to import it but
my master log reported the file corrupted and imported no QSO's.
I reverted back to an earlier version but 'no-joy'. Interestingly the adi
file still reported I was using ver 9.68 but the cabrillo file reported I
was using ver 9.65.
I'm open for any/all suggestions.

MAL               N7MAL