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Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
26 Nov 2001 11:35:51 -0800

I haven't found the need to have separate bin files.  Perhaps if there are significant differences you want to maintain (like window locations), but I always use the same one.  If you actually populate the log with QSOs (in say, Sweepstakes), THEN restart CT and change the contest type (to, say CQWW), you'll get a funny looking log.  But then restarting AGAIN and choosing SS restores the info.

Anyway, start up CT with a fresh file (call it DEFAULT)and fill in all the blanks (choose ANY contest).  Arrange the windows, set up the CW messages, any DEFINEKEYs, etc., then exit the program.  Be sure the filename is something you can easily remember, like DEFAULT.BIN or rename it as such.

Before the next contest, copy that BIN file to, say, ARRLCW.BIN and start CT (without the -NOW command) using that new BIN file.  In the setup screens just pick the correct contest.

I just did this for 2001 CQWW CW from a DEFAULT bin file I created in a slightly earlier CT version just before 2001 ARRLDX.  Worked fine.

-Mike N2MG

On Sat, 24 November 2001, "Alan C. Zack" wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> I certainly am no CT expert and most likely am getting in over my head here,
> but I don't think you can do what you want to do by only using a "blank" (no
> QSO's logged) .BIN file.  The reason I say this is because the .BIN file info
> has to be different for each contest (CQWWDX, WPX, ARRL DX, IARU, etc) so it
> will log and score correctly.  But if you only use CT for ONE type of
> contest, say the CQWWDX, then maybe it is OK.
> To change the example info in the .CFG to your situation you must first
> delete what is the current data/info then place your data/info on the
> associated line.
> Hopefully someone smarter than me will jump in here and bail me out.
> Hope this helps.
> 73 and Happy Holidays.
> Paul WR1X wrote:
> > 
> > Good morning Alan,
> > 
> > I've already have the CT.CFG file configured to my location and operating
> > setup, SSB, No rotor, TNC Com and the rest of the settings that can remain
> > in the CFG file.
> > 
> > Alan, I'll explain that I'm totally blind and have created a setting file
> > for my screen reader that has CT speaking very nicely to me with about as
> > much as I need for contesting.  I have it doing a nice job of announcing the
> > status of the call after hitting the space bar, needed call mult or dupe.  I
> > also use the packet window and the announce or callout window.
> > The only two screens I've got trouble to get it to read is the first one
> > that is the CFG file plus contest type and more.  The real difficult problem
> > is to get it to read in the areas where you arrow up and down to make
> > choices, contest type category and a few more.  The other screen that gives
> > me trouble is the comm setup where you select device and baud rate on which
> > comport.
> > The message I'm looking for mentioned having a default bin file with all the
> > info entered in for one contest and not changing the settings but renaming
> > the file to be used for that contest.  I may have that wrong, but if I have
> > a default file nothing would need to be changed except to copy that file as
> > the new file name for the particular contest.  I think it was mentioned
> > about going into the contest the first time without the -NOW and changing
> > the contest info, but the comm info wouldn't need to be touched.
> > I of course would create several default bin files for each of the contest
> > and have it ready to copy as new file name and then just edit the *.bat
> > file.
> > 
> > I think I've explained it pretty good, if you have any further questions
> > I'll be glad to answer them.
> > 
> > 73 and good luck as well as Have a Happy Holiday Season,
> > 
> > Paul  WR1X
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > 
> > You can modify the CFG file that came with the program to fit your situation
> > and the info will be there each time you start a new contest (and BIN file)
> > from scratch.
> > 73
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