[ct-user] Couple of CT Questions

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
26 Nov 2001 11:48:06 -0800

The TR website allows one to download the manual (it's a ~1Meg PDF). Go to:


and click on "MANUAL"

Buried near the end (page 165 or so) is a diagram.  I believe it's the same for NA, CT, and TR.

Mike N2MG

On Sat, 24 November 2001, Al wrote:

> Not contesting this weekend I'm just fooling around on the computer<s>.
> I've got a couple of CT Questions.  First one should be easy.
> Id like to build the CW interface for LPT1.  What do I need and how
> do I go about it.  Guess I need a wiring diagram and parts.  Don't see
> a diagram on the CT webpage and can't find the manual. (Probably lost
> it 10 years ago).
> Second, I wanted to "fix up" my config file and everything works
> automatically except it does not set COM2 at 4800 baud for the 1000MP.
> It selects the radio OK but not the comport and baud.  Here's my config
> file:
> Name:          Al Xxxxxx
> Call:          N1API
> Address:       xxx Xxxx Xxxxx XX.
> Town:          Meriden,
> State:         CT
> ZIP:           06451
> Zone:          5
> Contest:       CQWW
> Club:          Yankee Clipper Contest Club
> Mode:          SSB
> Category:      SO
> LAT:           41.52 
> LONG:          72.82
> CWPORT:        LPT1
> TNC:           COM1,9600
> Radio1:        FT1000MP,4800,COM2
> Radio2:        NONE
> Rotor1:        NONE
> Rotor2:        NONE
> Network:       NONE
> QSOB4:         QSO B4 QRZ N1API
> I thought that maybe the file is failing after the FT1000MP but I
> don't know.  Com1 and the TNC do set correctly.  I've tried using all
> caps for Radio1 and also adding spaces between the radio, baud and com
> and even tried to switch the order around but no luck.  It's a minor
> problem because I can easily set it but it would be nice if the CFG
> file worked OK
> Thanks for any help.
> -73-  Al  N1API

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