[ct-user] Couple of CT Questions

Gary Yantis gyantis@midtec.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 13:11:26 -0700

After (too) many years of "design/build" I now prefer to buy whenever
possible.  W1WEF sells a nice, inexpensive keying interface.  I own three
and they work great.  There are details on the TR Web site:
Note:  CT does not support an external paddle and I don't need the PTT
connection so I use the basic one for $23.

I also have a couple of N3JT keying interfaces.  Those use a reed relay for
the keying so the contacts are totally isolated.  Good for some of the older
tube rigs and perhaps a few of the newer solid-state ones.  They run about
$60 as I remember but, if you must have isolated keying contacts, then it is
worth it.  Otherwise, the W1WEF unit is all you need.  But if you want to
build your own, the circuit diagram is in the CT manual.

Re the question on the comm setup.  Make sure to load the appropriate comtsr
in DOS before you start CT.  Otherwise the comm port won't work with CT.
Details are in the CT manual.

Gary, W0TM

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The TR website allows one to download the manual (it's a ~1Meg PDF). Go to:


and click on "MANUAL"

Buried near the end (page 165 or so) is a diagram.  I believe it's the same
for NA, CT, and TR.

Mike N2MG

On Sat, 24 November 2001, Al wrote:

> Not contesting this weekend I'm just fooling around on the computer<s>.
> I've got a couple of CT Questions.  First one should be easy.
> Id like to build the CW interface for LPT1.  What do I need and how
> do I go about it.  Guess I need a wiring diagram and parts.  Don't see
> a diagram on the CT webpage and can't find the manual. (Probably lost
> it 10 years ago).
> Second, I wanted to "fix up" my config file and everything works
> automatically except it does not set COM2 at 4800 baud for the 1000MP.
> It selects the radio OK but not the comport and baud.  Here's my config
> file:
> Name:          Al Xxxxxx
> Call:          N1API
> Address:       xxx Xxxx Xxxxx XX.
> Town:          Meriden,
> State:         CT
> ZIP:           06451
> Zone:          5
> Contest:       CQWW
> Club:          Yankee Clipper Contest Club
> Mode:          SSB
> Category:      SO
> LAT:           41.52
> LONG:          72.82
> CWPORT:        LPT1
> TNC:           COM1,9600
> Radio1:        FT1000MP,4800,COM2
> Radio2:        NONE
> Rotor1:        NONE
> Rotor2:        NONE
> Network:       NONE
> QSOB4:         QSO B4 QRZ N1API
> I thought that maybe the file is failing after the FT1000MP but I
> don't know.  Com1 and the TNC do set correctly.  I've tried using all
> caps for Radio1 and also adding spaces between the radio, baud and com
> and even tried to switch the order around but no luck.  It's a minor
> problem because I can easily set it but it would be nice if the CFG
> file worked OK
> Thanks for any help.
> -73-  Al  N1API

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