[ct-user] PK-232 Interface Resolved

Hal Kennedy n4gg@hotmail.com
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 19:11:08 -0400

Many thanks for all the helpful hints I received via email, regarding 
interfacing the PK-232 to CT.  The answer to my problem (and others I 
suspect) arrived from John Hill, K0PW, at tech support at Timewave.  Thanks 

Recap:  I had NO response from the -232.  Not even gibberish in the CT 
packet Rx window - which is what most of us seemed to expect if the baud 
rates or parity settings were mismatched.  It turned out to be parity 
mismatch, which can cause NOTHING to work across the interface and NOTHING, 
not even gibberish to appear.

Solution as supplied by Timewave:
1.  Remove the battery jumper in the PK-232.  Its called JP-1.  It can be 
accessed through a hole in the bottom of some -232s, for others it means 
taking off the cover.
2.  Wait an hour with the power off for the -232 memory to clear. This 
restores the unit to the factory defaults.  (Mine will clear in about 2 
minutes, but they are not all that fast).
3.  Power up the -232 and establish a link with terminal software.  I used 
HyperTerminal, which comes with Windows.  QModem and ProComm can also be 
4.  Set the terminal program for 9600 baud, 8 bits no parity, 1 stop bit, 
software flow control (Xon-Xoff) and link up.
5.  When the link is established, put the battery jumper back onto JP-1.  
This will cause the -232 to power up each time in 9600,8,N,1; which is what 
CT is looking for.

A few additional notes:
1.  When I established the link in HypeerTerminal, I had to type * then 
[return].  This caused the -232 to autobaud, and the link established.
2.  If you run the -232 with the battery jumper on, it always comes up the 
same way, but this can be a pain.  I am now using the -232 two different 
ways, sometimes with its supplied software, which wants to see 7 bit, not 8 
bit words, and other times with CT which wants to see 8,N,1.  The solution 
is to just leave the battery jumpr off, period.  After powering up, the 
Timewave supplied software will run fine, as the default is 7 bit words.  If 
you want to run ct, you have to run HyperTerminal first, but it only takes a 
minute to do.

Hope this is helpful --
73, Hal, N4GG

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