[ct-user] PK-232 Interface Resolved

Zoli Pitman HA1AG ha1ag@compuserve.com
Wed, 5 Sep 2001 07:46:13 +0200

> Recap:  I had NO response from the -232.  Not even gibberish in the CT
> packet Rx window - which is what most of us seemed to expect if the baud
> rates or parity settings were mismatched.  It turned out to be parity
> mismatch, which can cause NOTHING to work across the interface and
> not even gibberish to appear.

> 2.  If you run the -232 with the battery jumper on, it always comes up the
> same way, but this can be a pain.  I am now using the -232 two different
> ways, sometimes with its supplied software, which wants to see 7 bit, not
> bit words, and other times with CT which wants to see 8,N,1.  The solution
> is to just leave the battery jumpr off, period.  After powering up, the
> Timewave supplied software will run fine, as the default is 7 bit words.
> you want to run ct, you have to run HyperTerminal first, but it only takes
> minute to do.

I'm sorry Hal, I missed your first message. I had exactly the same problem
with my PK. It has to be reseted to clear up the settings of PCPakratt.

I mounted a pushbutton on the backplate which acts as a reset button
(disconnects the battery for a second. I also put a small resistor to speed
up the discharge of the buffer capacitor.

After using the original SW of PK I had to reset. I found a very nice
utility in the WF1B package called AEAUTIL.EXE, which automatically puts the
PK to 9600,8,n,1 mode within a second. I've seen two versions of AEAUTIL.
The older starts communicating immediately at 9600,8,n,1,the newer steps
down from 19.2k thus it takes about 5 seconds more. :-)

I don't know what is the copyright status of this SW but the entire package
had been changed to freeware (unless you wanted support) before WF1B left
the business so I suppose it can be used it freely.

BTW, my PK has an EPROM version of 87. My friend has the 1992 EPROM and he
doesn't have this problem. When last asked Timewave wanted to have 75$+sh
for an updated EPROM what I found too much just to get rid of the reset proc

73 de Zoli HA1AG