[ct-user] Questions

David Robbins k1ttt@arrl.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:52:29 -0000

Questions, questions, lots of questions...

What version were you using?

Were you networking more than one computer?

What entry class did you have ct set up as?

Were you logging on more than one machine at the time?

How were you sending the serial numbers, reading them off the screen or
using the dvp to piece them together?

If you were networked, were the duplicate numbers given out on different
computers?  Or did one computer try to send the same number twice??

There have been reported problems with ct in s/o or m/s class when
networking computers because of the way serial numbers are assigned.  

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> Dear Friends,
> I am a registered user of CT9. In WPX contest log gave the number 98
> twice. We noticed it immediately. We gave the correct numbers to the
> contesters.
> My questions are;
> 1.Why did this happen ? We could have lost in the contest after a big
> effort.
> 2.How can you help me on this subject not to have the same problem
again ?
> I waiting your info.
> Thanks.
> 73&88,