[ct-user] bugs and server error??

David Robbins k1ttt@arrl.net
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 19:09:51 -0000

I think these bugs got into the ct bug file, but on the last one it gave
me an error so I figured I would report them here also...

When setting up for the SP-DX contest this weekend I found these... for
this one we use the IARU contest setup for mixed mode/all band.

Ts-940, ct senses radio mode ok, ctrl-f1 doesn't change the radio mode,
if you touch the tuning dial after that ct goes back to the mode the
radio is in.  if you do ctrl-f1 twice in a row the radio switches modes
once, then ct sees the mode change from the radio and switches a third
time to match the radio.

Ft-1000 (not D,mp, mp-5, just a plain 1000).  Ctrl-f1 sets the radio to
the wrong mode.  Ct does not sense mode changes on the radio.

On any station ct does not update the rst field in the current qso when
switching mode.  After logging the first qso in the new mode the next
one will have the correct default rs(t) filled in.

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