[ct-user] NEQP Rover Question

Jim Mullen jmullen@rockys.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 20:42:36 -0400

I believe N1RL may have sent this to the list, sorry if this is a dupe.

And that's the problem! (dupes I mean!)

It doesn't seem that the NEQP contest module handles rovers within New
England correctly. Maybe I'm reading the rules incorrectly, but if I travel
from Hampden to Hampshire county, I should be able to work the same station
again and have it count as a QSO point. I can't find a setting in CT that
will allow that to happen. There needs to be an entry field to put my
current county in, then the program should count the duplicate contact as an
additional QSO point, but not a multiplier. Turning off dupes (workdupe)
allows entry but the score is still not calculated correctly.

>From the other side (non W1) the program appears to score correctly.

Is this the case or am I missing something?

I'm running the NEQP version 9.72, but I copied that .exe file to my regular
CT program file (I didn't think that would make any difference and gives me
access to all the help files, etc.) I also copied all the new .dat files
that downloaded with the NEQP version.


Jim, KK1W