[ct-user] NEQP Rover Question

Jim White k4oj@tampabay.rr.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 21:15:05 -0400

Dunno if this helps but: for the FQP we havwe seperate logs for each county

when you exit a county you reboot the next log


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> I believe N1RL may have sent this to the list, sorry if this is a dupe.
> And that's the problem! (dupes I mean!)
> It doesn't seem that the NEQP contest module handles rovers within New
> England correctly. Maybe I'm reading the rules incorrectly, but if I
> from Hampden to Hampshire county, I should be able to work the same
> again and have it count as a QSO point. I can't find a setting in CT that
> will allow that to happen. There needs to be an entry field to put my
> current county in, then the program should count the duplicate contact as
> additional QSO point, but not a multiplier. Turning off dupes (workdupe)
> allows entry but the score is still not calculated correctly.
> >From the other side (non W1) the program appears to score correctly.
> Is this the case or am I missing something?
> I'm running the NEQP version 9.72, but I copied that .exe file to my
> CT program file (I didn't think that would make any difference and gives
> access to all the help files, etc.) I also copied all the new .dat files
> that downloaded with the NEQP version.
> Thanks,
> Jim, KK1W
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