[ct-user] SO2R Functions?

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw@prodigy.net
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:42:22 -0800

Hi Guys,

I'm just getting my feet wet on SO2R (it was in NAQP using NA - hey, I would
use CT if it supported NAQP).  Some of my below questions/ideas may be lack
of understaning of CT SO2R...

I just reviewed the CT-User archives as well as the release notes to find
out how CT works with SO2R.  Are the following all of the commands?

ONERADIO - Use the ONERADIO command with SO2R Master in manual mode.
TWORADIO - Use the TWORADIO command with SO2R Master in automatic mode
ALT-PERIOD - Toggles between radios.
ALTERNATE - Perform automatic CQ's on alternate radios.

While playing with CT, it seems that the SO2R functionality forces one to
use ALT-Period to always change transmitters.  The ALTERNATE command is OK
for automatically CQing on 2 frequencies, but I would assume that a large
percentage of the time the 2nd radio is used in a S&P mode.   It seems there
has been no optimization in that area?

For example, I could imagine CT doing a few things automatically:
- A set of commands that might send info on the opposite radio.  Let's say
you are CQing on Radio 1 - you may want to dump your call into a pileup on
Radio 2.  A simple single keystroke like a "\" would automatically stop the
transmitter on the active radio, and dump the call on Radio 2 (or the
opposite radio).  After the call was sent on Radio 2, the software goes back
to a resting state on Radio 1.  You could do this with the F2, and possibly
the F3 keys.

- Assuming Radio 1 is running, and Radio 2 is in the S&P mode...  You do an
Alt-Period and type in a call for Radio 2 and see if it's a dupe.  OK, it's
not...  you hit F4 which sends your call, and the software should
automatically toggle to Radio 1 so you could send a CQ there or something.
This might also be the case if you hit the F2 button while on Radio 2.

Do ideas like this sound reasonable, or am I way behind the curve on CT

Kenny K2KW