[ct-user] Definekey and Keyboards... THANKS

Pierre-Marie Calvet CALVET@unhcr.ch
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:50:05 +0100

Thanks Brian,  just tried KEYDEF.INI and it works fine... With a simple batch, it's easy now to change in one second from FR to US... Many thanks again and see you next week in the CQWW CW from TM5C.

>>> alsopb <alsopb@gloryroad.net> 11/14 12:20 AM >>>
If you have somebody with computer knowledge, they could crack the
file which contains the key definitions.  The file is keydef.ini.  You
can edit it with an ASCII editor maybe.  One could then write perhaps
write a small program to change as many key definitions as you want. 
The drawback may be that one would have to reboot CT to read the new

Alternatively, create two files.  One is keydef.ini for the FR
keyboard.  The other is for the default keyboard.  Restart CT with
whichever is needed.  Unfortunately, the restarts are probably not
what you want to do on a network.

73 de Brian/K3KO

Pierre-Marie Calvet wrote:
> Hello CT users folks...
> Just a simple question.... In a contest M/S with 6 differents operators, 3 are familiar with the KEYB FR french keyboard and 3 are familiar with the normal american keyboard. Found the CT command "definekey" who allows to change any key by another and so on if you need to change several... And definekey and Ctrl C to return to initial keyboard...
> Any idea if it is possible to change several characters with one single cmd like i.e. in dos keybr, keybuk, keybsf etc...??
> Whitout any reboot or problems on the PC's network during the contest,
> Cheers, PM
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