[ct-user] ARRL 10m Contest Sections

David Robbins k1ttt@arrl.net
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 11:55:41 -0000

Asking for a section shouldn't affect how it works.  Put 'pac' or try
'dx' and see if it takes that.  It is probably only going to be used for
the Cabrillo header and maybe in the default cw messages.

Try alt-enter to make the ctwin window fill the whole screen.  If you
want to still see it as a window you can right click on the title bar,
select properties, then in the font tab pick a larger font.

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> I will be operating the 2002 ARRL 10M Contest from Manila, Philippines
> this year.  I use CT as my contest logger.  When I do a test log to
> check my software CTWin asks me for my SECTION.  What should I enter
> for my section from Manila?  It asks me for a section regardless if I
> have the CT.CFG file in the folder or not.  I will be using DU1/K6ACZ
> as my call.  Is CT looking at my K6 call and looking for a section?
> Also, I too have a new laptop than my previous trips.  It uses XP.  I
> installed CTWin and it is working fine (no fancy stuff, just a
> logger/dupe checker) but I also suffer from the small CT window.  I
> can expand the size of the window, but the CT window stays the same
> size.  All I do is expand the gray background behind the CT blue
> field.  Someone earlier suggested to someone else to try the Fn-F7 key
> to adjust screen size.  The Fn-F7 key on my laptop (Compaq Presario
> 2701US) makes the screen dimmer (Fn-F8 makes it brighter).  Anymore
> suggestions?
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