[ct-user] CTWin & Telnet spots

Axel.Schernikau Axel.Schernikau@siv.de
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 21:16:43 +0000


probably an easy question for the real contesters on the list.

I'm using a Win2k-laptop running CTWin and DX-Telnet.
Getting DX-spots in DX-Telnet via Internet-Connection using DSL over the 
network card.

I'm not trying to build a network of several PCs, just wont to get the 
spots from the Telnet-connection into CT to use spot-features of CT. Any 
suggestions who to do this (including configurations) are welcome. 
Haven't found anything on this only a few hints to connect DOS-PC and 
Win-PC etc.

Thanks a lot.

Wish all good luck in the WW DX.

Axel Schernikau, DL6KVA