[ct-user] CT9.81 - CQWW M2 Category

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj@gte.net
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 20:44:09 -0500

We go through this at AA5NT every contest.

First:  the number you assign to the computer called "Station Number" in the
CT setup screen has nothing to do with logging.  It has only to do with CT
networking being able to distinguish between computers.

Second:  the Radio number has even less to do with all of this.  If you only
have one radio connected to your computer, it's Radio 1.  On Station #2, if
it only has one radio connected to it, that radio is still Radio 1.  So, if
you have two computers, both of them will have a Radio 1 attached to them.
In other words, Station 2's radio is not Radio 2.

Third:  To set any computer to log as the RUN1 station, you have to type
RUN1 and hit enter on that computer's CT logging screen.  Similarly, to set
one of the computers to log as the RUN2 station, you have to type RUN2 on
that computer.

There are 3 different numbering levels and they are all completely seperate
and have nothing to do with each other.

1)  The computers network ID #, or in CT, the "Station Number".  (network
2)  The Radio Number, either Radio 1 or Radio 2. (rig number)
3)  The RUN1 / RUN2 logging number (logging number)

If you think of the 3 levels and keep them seperate in your mind, you should
be OK with this.

Oh, and if you have more than two computers, you can type RUN1 on any of
them and that computer becomes the RUN1 station for logging purposes and
remains that way until you type RUN2 on it.  (or use the Alt-Y toggle).


GL & 73!

Bob N5NJ

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> I am confused (so what else is new)
> If you have more than two stations and want to do the new M2 category
> how does the computer know which the third 3rd position becomes (1 or 0)
> when it goes live.  For reasons of station configuration I think a lot
> of us will like this new category and have been set up as multi-multi's
> with feedlines routed to different positions in the room (or rooms in my
> case - we set up two or three stations on the patio for m-m, it would be
> easier to dedicate some of those positions to one band or another than
> to make it two physical positions only).
> As far as an algorithm for knowing if you are within the rules can you
> count total band changes for all stations and make the total number of
> band changes 16 within a given hour and a mandatory maximum of two
> simultaneously transmitted signals at any one time?)
> I am glad I do not have to right the programs, but sure am glad you do -
> thanks for everything, Ken  -  CT made contesting fun again for a lot of
> people, I cannot imagine operating without the computer doing the
> drudgery ever again.
> 73,
> Jim, K4OJ
> K1EA wrote:
> >I have added the new M2 category to CQWW. The Cabrillo output now has an
> >extra '1' or '0' at the end of each QSO line. This indicates station one
> >or station two.
> >
> >
> >As in the ARRL M2 category, it is very important that you use the RUN1
> >and RUN2 text commands to identify the stations. You can also toggle a
> >station, or QSO with ALT-Y. The band field in each RUN2 QSO is white on
> >blue. RUN1 QSO's have the usual black on cyan band label.
> >
> >RUN1 and RUN2 are not identified by computer number because some
> >operations setup more than two operating positions then use two at a
> >time for M2 operation.
> >
> >CT9.81 can be found at www.k1ea.com/ctvault.
> >
> >73, Ken K1EA
> >
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