[ct-user] CT networking questions

Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP rstuy1@chello.nl
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 11:16:45 -0000

Hello David,

Thanks for you answer.
That is just the point, it won't work.
I tried it on name and also on ip address.
I put the name/ip address in the host file to be sure that wasn't the

Looking with an analyser on the network, I don't see any data from the
telnet session on the network.


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After starting ct do alt-t to put your cursor in the packet window.  Hit
enter and you should get a box where you enter the ip address of the
cluster node you want to connect to.  I'm not sure if the name works
(like k1ttt.net), but the numeric ip address does.  After entering the
address hit enter and it should connect.

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> Hello,
> For our upcoming DX-pedition and CQ WW SSB contest I am configuring my
> laptops.
> But I have a few problems.
> I am working with CTWIN 9.77 on 2 PC's running W2000.
> Networkings seems to work well, communications between both PC's are
> But it is impossible to make a telnet connection to a DX-cluster from
> In the setup I configured TNC: TELNET
> After approx. 20 seconds I get the messages: Could not open: <ip
> Making a telnet connection from another window, it works fine.
> I hope somebody can help me.
> 73 Ronald
> Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP
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