[ct-user] Contesters callsigns deleted

Alan C. Zack k6acz@earthlink.net
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 16:27:23 -0700

INFO:  ALL OTHER Contesters
I have just downloaded from the CT vault the latest MASTER.DTA file that is
now maintained by K8CC.
I note that my call, along with many other contesters, has been removed.
This new MASTER.DTA file is much, much smaller than the previous.  For
example, the MASTER.DTA partial check file download in 2000 was 914kb, in
2001 it was 706kb, now in 2002 it is only 119kb.
I enter all the major contests every month.  My call has been in the
MASTER.DTA file every year for the last 10 years or so.  (I check for it
every download).  My call certainly will be seen in the DX logs for the
ARRL DX, WPX, IARU, IOTA, CQWWDX, 10 Meter and a few more.  As a little
pistol I rely on the DX seeing my call in the MASTER.DTA partial window in
the contest loggers.  Many times the DX have a hard time getting my call
then see it in the check partial list and ask: Is it K6ACZ?
Without our calls in the MASTER.DTA list I and many other little pistols
(and BIG GUNS as well) lose this advantage.
K8CC Please replace my call in the MASTER.DTA file.
I even sent K8CC some of my contest logs so he could glean calls from them
for his files as per his request.
I would suggest everyone check this latest MASTER.DTA file and see if you,
or your DX friends, have been deleted.  One way to check is to just open
the file with WordPad (it will look like gibberish), hit CONTROL F (find),
and type in your call.  If it is there, it will be highlighted, if not, it
is gone, like mine, K3EST, KI6T, K6CEO, JA1CG, DU3BBY, DU9RG, DU1SAN, and
many, many other contesters/DXer's.
I would suggest that this latest 119kb MASTER.DTA file NOT be used, but
instead use last years file until we get the file restored to what it
should be.
TIA & 73.

                                Alan Zack
		         Amateur Radio Station K6ACZ
                     Anaheim, Southern California, USA
                Quality Engineer, The Boeing Company, Retired
         Aviation Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, Retired
                U.S. Coast Guard, Always Ready, Always There
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