[ct-user] Networking CTWin & CT DOS

Ari Hyvonen Ari.Hyvonen@pp.inet.fi
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 19:15:04 +0300


We have tried to connect ctwin & dos version using ethernet. Plan is to
connect win pc to the internet and pass spots to ct network using dxtelnet &
ctwin on the 'gateway' pc. So far connection works only one way, so that dos
version talks to the windows version but not the other way.

DOS version is started with nettsr:
nettsr 100 3030
	(3030 seems to be the port that ctwin uses)

Windows version is started with the -ENET switch. (win98se)

Tested also with the latest 9.81 versions.
Network works fine between dos versions and also between windows versions.

Any ideas?