[ct-user] Networking CTWin & CT DOS

Hank Kohl k8dd@arrl.net
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 19:36:56 -0400

At 10/7/2002 10:39 PM +0000, David Robbins wrote:

>I'm not sure why ctwin and dos ct won't talk, if I get a chance I'll set
>up a test here to see if I can tell... that is if ken doesn't answer

I have tried CTWin and CT DOS on the same network.
The DOS box will ping the CTWin box and vice versa.
But they will not talk to each other running CTWin and CT DOS - spots, 
logging info or packetcluster spots.
I haven't put Network Sniffer on, but I expect that there is a protocol 
problem between NETTSR and Windows TCP/IP.

Also noticed that Win2K will not telnet but 95 and 98 will.  I'd boot my 
laptop into 98 instead of Win2K if that was the telnet box!!

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