[ct-user] Ct and CQWW question / help

David L Sharred G3NKC@thersgb.net
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 20:11:35 +0100

BlankI recall that, in the past, when working in CQWW mode, that when you
enetered a call (ie G3NKC)   that CT would automatically load the zone (ir
zone 14) in the call out window, and it was generally up to the user to
change this

I , and others in our group, don't see this happening now. I tried using
some old versions of CT also.

Does anyone know whether my recollection is wrong, whether CT has been
modified to stop this, or whether I am the first to comment on a new bug ?

Dave Sharred
G3NKC (one of the OPs at MD4K in CQWW)

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