[ct-user] Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC)

Ted Demopoulos kt1v@demop.com
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:13:24 -0400

For CW, I used WPX, produced a Cabrillo file, modified the header per 
the instructions in the SAC contest, and left the points blank (they 
calculate them themselves).

Since I basically just worked (almost) everyone I heard, having an 
uptodate mult and score count wan't particulalry important, (but it 
would have been nice!)

Ted KT1V ex KR1G (which I'm told is a much better call for this contest!)

OZ0J wrote:

>Does anyone know whatever the above-mentioned contest will be added into
>I am most interested in the Scandianvian part.
>Has anyone used CT-Log for the SAC Contest. If yes how did you calculate
>your points? Also Non-Scandinavian participants are welcome to answer.
>73 de OZ0J, Jorgen
>P.S. I am QRV from OZ5BAL in SAC SSB
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