[ct-user] CT.988 & WPX

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Tue Apr 1 01:19:55 EST 2003

We had problems with the check px window (f-10) it would not show dupes
all the time so it was worthless for s&p.  to do s&p we had to use check
call (f-9) instead.... it would be nice to fix the dupe message at the
bottom of the logging screen so it wouldn't disappear so fast most of
the time so we don't have to look at the f9/f10 window to see if someone
is a dupe.

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> I was SOLP so did not use all the functions as did Bob.  I do concur
> with the Check Country / Prefix: situation.  I experienced the same
> thing.  It would show the country for the last time it was toggled
> between PREFIX/CHECK COUNTRY.  If left on PREFIX it would correctly
> show what other bands you had worked the station you had typed in and
> hit TAB to check for dupes.  However, if left in CHECK COUNTRY it
> would show the country worked at the last time it was switched between
> PREFIX and CHECK COUNTRY, no matter how many Q's you had logged in
> between.  I found myself switching back and forth between the two to
> be able to use the CHECK COUNTRY function or to just leave it in
> PREFIX as to leave it in CHECK COUNTRY gave confusing information.
> I did not take advantage of the other functions mentioned by Bob so am
> unable to comment on them.
> Only other small quirk that I experienced was it did not know what
> country TO3M was in, which is to be expected when a new prefix is
> thrown in.  After the contest ended I confirmed my suspicion that TO3
> was FM was told CT TO3=FM.  No biggie at all!
> Very happy with the performance and results of CT.  Thank you for a
> great program and keep up the good work.
> Bob Naumann - N5NJ wrote:
> >
> > We used CT988 at AA5NT this weekend.  We were multi-2 and used
> > networking with a Com port connected TNC.  FT1000D, and an FT1000MP
> > controlled properly.  ( I did not try split operation myself so I
> no
> > comment on that.)
> >
> > Generally, it worked well, and unfortunately we had a computer
> board
> > fail during the contest - not related to CT of course.
> >
> > Fucntionally, there were a couple of quirks.
> >
> > Repeat:
> > Work a station, press F1, calls CQ, does not repeat.  Press F1
> calls
> > CQ, and then will repeat.  So, after pressing F1 twice, repeat
> It
> > seems that this unusual behavior only occurs after logging a
> In
> > other words if it's chugging along repeating, and you interrupt it
> > hitting Esc, then press F1 again, it will work.  Log a station, and
> needs
> > the double F1.
> >
> > CQ Counter:
> > Totally cool, except it only counts F1 presses, and I think it
> count
> > CQ's sent by repeat as well.  It also increments while repeating
> time
> > you press F1 but that gives you a count that does not match the
> CQ
> > number.
> >
> > Check Country / Prefix:
> > Appeared to work right, but after logging a QSO, it would return to
> > other country / prefix it appeared that it was doing a Check Prefix
> > first, then after logging a station, it would do a Check Country ?
> >
> > Packet:  Perfect!  Handled the AR Cluster spots perfectly - thanks
> >
> > Radio 1 / Radio 2 Display:
> > If you only have one radio, this information is redundant and does
> need
> > to be displayed.
> >
> > I don't think there was anything else that was unusual.
> >
> > 73,
> > Bob N5NJ
> >
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