[ct-user] CT.988 & WPX

Robert Morris rsmorris at worldnet.att.net
Tue Apr 1 06:06:21 EST 2003

I used F12 most of the time to look for dupes. Did go to F9 many times to
thank folks for several bands..

Certainly agree about the quick flash of dupe at the bottom of the window if
the QSO is a dupe. A couple second display would help.

CQ Counter:
Totally cool, except it only counts F1 presses, and I think it
should  count CQ's sent by repeat as well.  It also increments while
repeating every time  you press F1 but that gives you a count that does not
match the actual  CQ number.
**Agree 100 percent. On SSB we use the MFJ voice keyers and the remote
buttons so it does not apply to us on SSB, but, on CW I would like to see
the total number of times CQ was sent, not just the number of times F1 was

Take care

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