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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 06:06:21 -0500
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> I used F12 most of the time to look for dupes. Did go to F9 many times to
> thank folks for several bands..
> Certainly agree about the quick flash of dupe at the bottom of the window if
> the QSO is a dupe. A couple second display would help.
> CQ Counter:
> Totally cool, except it only counts F1 presses, and I think it
> should  count CQ's sent by repeat as well.  It also increments while
> repeating every time  you press F1 but that gives you a count that does not
> match the actual  CQ number.
> **Agree 100 percent. On SSB we use the MFJ voice keyers and the remote
> buttons so it does not apply to us on SSB, but, on CW I would like to see
> the total number of times CQ was sent, not just the number of times F1 was
> pushed.
> Take care
> 73/Bob
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