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Carl - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Thu Apr 3 06:11:46 EST 2003

It seems that everybody missed the part of Ken's message where he states
that he will continue to support the software but he just no longer wants
money for it.  He's not asking for donations, yearly fees or payment.

I purchased CT around version 7 or so and it also got me back into
contesting.  I remember the old days of  manual dupe sheets and it was just
impossible.  Ditto with CTWIN.

CT is a great program and I'm sure it will continue to be great.


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> 2 APR, 2003 - 2235 CST
> Many of you will wonder who I am because I very seldom post to any user
> group.  But I have been on board for many years.
> Having, at one time several years ago, been involved with distributing
> and updating a software program, I think I truly understand Ken Wolf's
> reason(s) for wanting to get out from under the time-consuming
> responsibility.  As a user of CT since version 4.1, I hate to see Ken
> withdraw from the field.  I have particularly enjoyed the last two
> versions of CTWIN.
> Ken, thank you for all of your work.  The fees we paid were not near the
> proper compensation.
> 73 - Dick Isely, W9GIG
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