[ct-user] CT 9.88 and WPX MS

Popa yu7ef at panet.co.yu
Wed Apr 2 23:03:17 EST 2003

Hi Don

I came to same problem after 2 hours of work and was stunned ... there
was no other way but leaving program, restarting it again by < CR >
and set it as a SO ...  after the contest, change the category to MS
again and it will be OK ...  as we already had a mess in our log, we
simply continued giving QSO # reading it from summary window and after
contest I have modified LOG (Cabrillo) file so I could submit it as MS
entry ...

However, I got explanation that recently WPX rules were changed and MS
counts bands separately (and CT has been changed accordingly) although
I don't have that feeling by reading WPX2003 rules ... it is
explicitly stated for M2 & MM entry but not for MS ...

Best regards and see you in WPX CW

Pop, YU7EF (YT7W - YU7BCD team)

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