[ct-user] CT on Linux DOSEMU and FreeDOS

Michael Kjorling michael at kjorling.com
Sun Apr 6 16:37:22 EDT 2003

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Hello all,

I just noticed that CT has become free software, and decided that I would
give it a try to see if it fits my needs. I downloaded the 9.89.002
CTSETUP.EXE (1,347,486 bytes) and tried installing it on DOSEMU and FreeDOS
running under Linux. This setup reports itself as DOS 5.00 with networking

When I start CTSETUP and pick Install, it asks me where to install it, and I
pick C: ("a remote fixed drive"). It then informs me that C: is a network
drive and asks for confirmation, and I say Y. Then, it asks for the
installation directory and I accept the default C:\CT (it does say pick a
fixed drive). It warns me to make sure I have sufficient permissions on the
drive and "press a key to continue", so I do that. And without any further
explanation, error or status messages, I get dropped back to the installation
directory dialog.

I am running FreeDOS kernel 2029 and FreeCom 0.83 Beta 44 on DOSEMU
2001/10/13, if that matters.

Has anyone succeeded in getting CT to install on a setup like this? If so,
how did you do it? Is a dedicated computer about the only way to do it? DOS
is a wonderful operating system, but squeezing it in natively as it is, is
going to take a complete reinstallation of the computer, including
repartitioning. I'm not all that happy about that idea...

Maybe there is some way to manually uncompress the CT files?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Vy 73 es tnx de SM0YBY,

Michael Kjörling

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