[ct-user] Upgrade computer strategy

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at comcast.net
Tue Aug 5 21:08:56 EDT 2003

At 09:18 PM 8/5/03 +0000, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
> though I don't know about the loop option.

You CANNOT mix the loop option with Ethernet.  The loop option essentially breaks the serial port into two single direction ports.  The data comes in on the Rx line from one station and out on the Tx line to the next station.  This will not work on Ethernet, it will loop back on itself and melt down your computer.

>As always you want to be sure to run the same versions of ct and ctwin
>on a network.

Yes.  Ran into a slight problem mixing versions that were close but not the same.  It created a problem when one station went to correct a call.  It corrected the call on that computer, but didn't change it on the others.  Created a nasty log problem when they were merged.

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