[ct-user] Upgrade computer strategy

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Tue Aug 5 22:18:19 EDT 2003

using my nettsr they talk just fine, though it does take a couple
changes to the command line because ctwin's default Ethernet setup is
different than the nettsr default.  I would expect they should talk ok
on serial networks also, though I don't know about the loop option.

As always you want to be sure to run the same versions of ct and ctwin
on a network.

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> is it possible to have some of the computers in a network running
> and others running CT-WIN and they can still communicate with one
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> Ed Parish K1EP wrote:
> > At 02:02 PM 8/5/03 -0400, Ted Demopoulos wrote:
> >
> >>Time to start upgrading my motley crew of  486s - they are too old
> the hardware unreliable now.
> >>
> >>Replacing my "main" computer first - besides running CT during
> I'll probably run the odd windows app and (gasp) even WriteLog for the
> tests not supported by CT. I've only run regular CT, never the Windows
> version before.
> >>
> >>What should I - put Windows 98 on it so I can boot as DOS, something
> more modern and setup dual boot (however that done), or just say the
> with it and run CTWin (and any issues with networking with DOS CT
> >
> >
> > I don't run CTWin, but I know of at least one limitation.  It
> support the DVP card.  So if you are using that, you will still need
> run the DOS version.  Win98SE is a reasonable way to go, although
> Microsoft may stop supporting it in another year or two.
> >
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