[ct-user] Upgrade computer strategy

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Aug 6 01:57:35 EDT 2003

OK next question...

If the bulk of the computers are using 10/100 networking bu an odd 
computer does NOT have a networking card...

Can it be used in the network "traditionally" by attaching it to a comm 
port and then connecting to a computer which is already in the network 
via 10/100 ethernet network onto one of that computers comm ports?

Again, it is agreed that all computers will run the same release version 
of CT.

Thanks gang...


Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
> At 04:14 PM 8/5/2003, Jim White, K4OJ asked:
>> is it possible to have some of the computers in a network running 
>> CT-DOS and others running CT-WIN and they can still communicate with 
>> one another?
> K1KI says YES. K1TTT says YES if you use his NETTSR.  I don't know if 
> they posted their responses to the reflector, I've been having incoming 
> E-mail problems all day.
> 73 - Jim AD1C

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