[ct-user] CTWin Networking using CAT5 cable "splittters"

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Aug 6 02:49:44 EDT 2003

Here is some text from an eBay add for ethernet splitters...they use the 
unused wires in a cat5 cable to provide two pathways into a network over 
one cable run...

Save a bunch of money by using your existing wiring to connect 
additional computers to your network. Instead of paying hundreds of 
dollars pulling new cabling and disrupting your office, you can access 
the network with two devices through an existing cable. At present only 
two pairs are used in 10BaseT wiring. The second port of this 
distributor wires the signal to run over the unused second pair.

This auction is for a pair of splitters. Use one at each end of cable run.

     * 2 x RJ45 socket, 8P8C, double shielded
     * 1 x RJ45 plug, with 6 inch (15cm) connecting cable, 8P8C, shielded
     * Fully shielded case, fastening by screw eyes
     * Completely compatible with Cat 5 100 Mb/s operation
     * Use this to add a network attached printer with existing wiring
* Requires two hub or switch ports (one per computer)


Is there any reason that I could NOT use these on my CTWin network?

It seems like it would be easier than running multiple runs of 
cable...i.e. if I have two station on the same operating table this way 
I would only need to bring one CAT5 cable to that table, once it gets 
there these would split that cable run into two unique runs and then I 
could hook them up to each of the computers... I understand that I will 
also need another splitter and two "holes" on the router end.

Whatcha think?  Seems like I would save on the ferrites and connectors 
that two individual runs would require plus since I plan on pulling 
these through electrical conduit for enhanced shielding I would have 
half as many wires to pull!


Jim, K4OJ

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