[ct-user] CTWin Networking using CAT5 cable "splittters"

Nate Bargmann n0nb at networksplus.net
Wed Aug 6 17:31:54 EDT 2003

* Jim White, K4OJ <k4oj at tampabay.rr.com> [2003 Aug 06 06:07 -0500]:
> Is there any reason that I could NOT use these on my CTWin network?
> It seems like it would be easier than running multiple runs of 
> cable...i.e. if I have two station on the same operating table this way 
> I would only need to bring one CAT5 cable to that table, once it gets 
> there these would split that cable run into two unique runs and then I 
> could hook them up to each of the computers... I understand that I will 
> also need another splitter and two "holes" on the router end.

Should work fine.  It's no different than splitting the Cat-V cable into
two RJ-45 jacks which we do at work all the time.  I just can't bear the
thought of four unused wires in our wiring runs.

> Whatcha think?  Seems like I would save on the ferrites and connectors 
> that two individual runs would require plus since I plan on pulling 
> these through electrical conduit for enhanced shielding I would have 
> half as many wires to pull!

There may be some advantage to running the Cat-V through metal conduit,
but to be a truly effective shield at RF you need to bond all the joints
plus ground it at a single point common to your station RF/protective
ground.  However, since Ethernet uses two wires for each signal path,
common mode rejection exists which is quite effective at rejecting RF it
seems.  I have a friend with networked computers and uses an amp with no
ill effects.  I've never had a problem with my small shack network and
100 Watts to a wire antenna.

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