[ct-user] 9.92.001 keying & cty.dat corrections

Stuart Santelmann KC1F kc1f at adelphia.net
Tue Dec 2 12:56:41 EST 2003

>          I take it nobody else had any problems with 9.92.001 keying so
> try to figure out what was causing that.  While I'm at it, has anyone
> discovered a way to change the CW weighting?  It sounds light to my ear
> even at 32 WPM.
>                                                  73,  Bill  W4ZV
> _______________________________________________

Actually, I saw the same or a similar problem with the keying speed in 9.92.
I think it was caused when I used Alt-V, or F9/F10 in the middle of an
exchange, and the key speed dropped a lot in the middle of the exchange,
like 10 wpm...

                                            73                Stu

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