[ct-user] CT 9.92-001

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Dec 3 00:50:53 EST 2003

9.92 worked the whole weekend on 6 dos machines here on Ethernet.  We
did notice a gradual slowing down of logging operation which was solved
for short times by rebooting.... I finally set bandmapage to 15 and it
seemed to be better, probably just too many spots for the old machines
to sort and resort all the time.

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> Hi all,
> In the CQWW-CW, we had a couple of unexplained computer crashes, using
> 3 PCs, running DOS, networked over Ethernet, with packet. CT
> 9.92-001.
> On one occasion, CT crashed on the #1 PC (time server) during ALT-G.
> After re-booting, I noticed the F4 message had lost the first
> character of our callsign.
> Also, the crash moved the computer clock ahead by 18 minutes. I didn't
> spot this straight away. The wrong time propagated through the
> network affecting all three stations. Our log now has 20 minutes
> worth of 'rubber clocked' contacts in it. They are  unrecoverable as
> they are interlaced with correctly logged QSOs.
> Has anyone else experienced these problems?
> Another question. This is the 2nd time we've had time-keeping
> glitches. If it happens again, and it gets away on me, our QSL
> manager will skin me alive.
> To avoid this undesirabe situation,  I am keen to QSY to an earlier
> version of CT that leaves the BIOS alone. What version of CT is
> considered to be rock-solid for networked M/M? I am wondering whether
> Ken has gone to a different compiler recently.
> Wilbert, ZL2BSJ
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