[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 and Win95 help

Serge Vaskovsky US4LGW us4lgw at ukrpost.net
Tue Dec 16 10:11:03 EST 2003

Hello TOM
If you'll follow this link http://k1ea.com/download/index.htm  you'll
see the words "WIN95 is not supported" in ct9.92.001 description.
By the way, did you try to load .bin file with a some hundreds of qsos ?
If you did, was your computer slowed down ? I ask this question
because my AMD K6 233 MHz 32 Mb RAM Win98SE computer was awfully slowed
down during the first use of CT9.92.001 in WWCW.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 7:12:17 AM, you wrote:

Tac> Tonight I tried to enter the 21st Century (well, the late 20th at least) and 
Tac> install CTWin 9.92.001 on my old Win95 shack machine.  It's a Compaq Presario 
Tac> 6000 at 300MHz and 96 meg of RAM. Everything seems to work fine including 
Tac> packet and rig control on the COMM ports....but cant seem to make the rig key and 
Tac> send CW off the LPT1 port.  In fact, with the SOUND command on....dont even 
Tac> hear CQ from the computer speaker when I hit F1.  Works fine with the old DOS 
Tac> version, though.  Am I missing something simple?
Tac> Tom/K1TH  
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Best regards,
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