[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 Slow down, (WAS: CT 9.92.001 and Win95 help)

Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Tue Dec 16 07:15:46 EST 2003

At 12/16/03 02:11 AM, Serge Vaskovsky US4LGW wrote:
>Hello TOM
>If you'll follow this link http://k1ea.com/download/index.htm you'll
>see the words "WIN95 is not supported" in ct9.92.001 description.
>By the way, did you try to load .bin file with a some hundreds of qsos ?
>If you did, was your computer slowed down ? I ask this question
>because my AMD K6 233 MHz 32 Mb RAM Win98SE computer was awfully slowed
>down during the first use of CT9.92.001 in WWCW.

I used DOS CT9.92.001 in the ARRL 10M contest, CW only.  I was only in the contest for about an hour, so I don't have too much to go on, but then again, I had a very small log. I noticed a very long pause when I entered a callsign, usually right after the number in the callsign.  I think it had something to do with SCP, but there is no way to turn it off in the later versions.  I was also using a new (to my CT operations) computer and thought maybe it was something in the setup, but now I wonder if anyone else saw this.  Serge, was this similar to your problem.  

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