[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 Slow down, (WAS: CT 9.92.001 and Win95 help)

Doug Roberts g0wmw at arrl.net
Tue Dec 16 14:21:26 EST 2003


Could this slow performance be due to the laptop's hard disks switching off?
I notice Serge's had memory of only 32MB, which probably means that Windoze
is paging out to its 'swap file'.  Likewise, CT may need to load (or access)
a file to run SCP.  See if you can change the BIOS setting to have the disk
'always on', and then see if that speeds things up.  CTWin 9.92.001
performed perfectly here during the 10m contest, but on a 1GHz Athlon with
512MB memory.

73, Doug G0WMW

| I used DOS CT9.92.001 in the ARRL 10M contest, CW only.  I was only in the
contest for about an hour, so I don't have too much to go on, but then
again, I had a very small log. I noticed a very long pause when I entered a
callsign, usually right after the number in the callsign.  I think it had
something to do with SCP, but there is no way to turn it off in the later
versions.  I was also using a new (to my CT operations) computer and thought
maybe it was something in the setup, but now I wonder if anyone else saw
this.  Serge, was this similar to your problem.
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