[ct-user] CT 9.92.001 Slow down, (WAS: CT 9.92.001 and Win95 help)

John Shannon jsk3wwp at alltel.net
Tue Dec 16 09:12:30 EST 2003

After trying many other contest programs, I went back to CT recently. It was
the best performer of them all on my ancient computer that I use in the
shack. I did not notice any slowdown at all in any aspect of CT's
performance in the ARRL 10M contest. My machine is a 486 at 66MHz, 32MB of
RAM, Win95.

I wonder if those experiencing slowdown are multitasking with their
computers or have TSR programs running in the background. I run the DOS
version of CT of course, since CTWin doesn't support Windows 95. I set up
the computer so that it is the only thing running on the machine when I am
using it in a contest. It runs beautifully that way. My setup is as follows:
I key with the LPT1 port. I operate strictly SO. I don't have any rig
interface set up.

I did not make all that many QSO's in the 10M contest in my 3 hours of
operating. I'll report back when I do the RAC and/or NAQP contests in which
I should be more active with a lot more QSO's.

All the other programs I've used did exhibit some slowdown in one aspect or
another. Although TR also performed quite well on the ancient machine.

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